May 8th, 2021

Dear Two River Little League Families,

It is so great to have our kids playing ball! Thank you so much for your efforts and patience to make everything possible this spring.

One of the exciting aspects of playing baseball in the Two River LL program is that our players are eligible to compete in the District 19 All Star Tournament in the 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 13/14U divisions. Please review some important information regarding All Stars.

TRLL will select an East team in the 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U divisions made up of players from Fair Haven and Rumson, and a West Team in the 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U divisions made up of players from Little Silver, Red Bank, and Shrewsbury.  The Junior Division, which hosts our 13 and 14 year old players from both the East and West, may follow afterwards; given recent lack of interest in playing so late in the summer, we will be surveying families to see if it is worth trying to field a Juniors squad in 2021.

Tryout Dates: All 9-12U tryouts will be on Saturday, May 22nd from 4-6pm & Thursday, May 27th from 6-8pm


9U: East@ Fair Haven Youth Center South, West@ Shrewsbury Graham/Sickles

10U: East@ Rumson Riverside South, West@ Little Silver Library

11U: East@ Fair Haven Youth Center North, West@ Shrewsbury Manson

12U: East@ Rumson Riverside North, West@ Little Silver Borough

Active & former TRLL coaches/board members will evaluate the players during tryouts; coaches from various divisions in the East will evaluate the West tryouts while coaches in the West will evaluate the players from the East.  TRLL board members will be responsible for overseeing the tryout process in each age group.

Nominations: In addition to meeting age (born 9/1 or after) and residency (you must either currently live or go to school in the town you represent) requirements, players must be able to play in 8 of the regular season games by season’s end to be eligible for All Star nomination and then meet the 8 game requirement at the time of naming the squad.

  • 4 players from each division who meet the 8 games parameter are eligible to be nominated/invited to try out for the All Star team; 2 players will be voted in by their teammates and 2 players will be selected by their coaches.  
  • The Majors division, which consists of 11 and 12 year old players, can send four 11 year old players and four 12 year old players to their respective tryouts.  Please note that there are two divisions for the Majors: both an 11U tournament team and a 12U tournament team will be selected.
  • Coaches will turn in nominations by May 15th and they will be allowed to nominate “ties” within their pools when approved by the TRLL Board (i.e. ask for a 5th nomination).
  • If your child is nominated to tryout for All Stars: 1) the nomination may be just enough for them…they need not try out if they aren’t willing to make the commitment or aren’t sure they are particularly competitive, and 2) they will have to complete a school enrollment form, a commitment form to ensure that they are available for the practices and games, and a tryout card which provides information regarding positions/experience prior to the tryout dates.
  • Last, nominees are expected to attend both workouts and must attend at least one to have a chance to be named. TRLL will not entertain naming a player to an initial roster for District 19 play unless they have tried out.

All Star Selections: The top 9 scoring players from the evaluators’ feedback/scorecards will be invited to be a part of their respective All Star teams.  The head coach for each team can add 3 – 5 additional players at their discretion, pending board approval.

Teams will be announced as usual on the afternoon of Friday, June 4th.

We realize that the summer is a special time for family and friends, vacations, camps, and many other memorable events and activities.  To assist you with your planning and to help determine whether your child would be able to participate in the All Star experience, below is a tentative schedule of tournament dates.  Please know that if your child is selected to play on their respective All Star team, they will be expected to attend ALL scheduled practices and games. 

Because of COVID this summer, Little League International has decided that the only tournaments beyond the state level at any age will be 12U’s trying to get to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Anticipated District 19 Tournament Dates:

9-11U: Starting in late June and ending in mid July

12U: First age group to start @Father’s Day and ending usually around July 10th

14U:  Starting in mid July and ending in late July

Please note that District 19 champions from 10U and up will move forward and play in additional sectional and state games that continue throughout the summer.

Thank you for your participation and continued support of TRLL.  The many volunteers and countless hours of service that you dedicate make the TRLL program thrive and are very much appreciated.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

All the best for a great rest of the season!

Adam Cohen

P.S. – In case you’re are wondering, TRLL playoffs begin:

Tuesday, June 1st for Minors

Wednesday, June 2nd for Rookie & Majors

Thursday, June 3rd for Juniors