Two River Little League Community –

We hope this letter finds you settled into a good routine with our new normal for the foreseeable future.

In that vein, Little League informed us last night that they want all leagues to comport with the CDC’s recommended eight (8) week hiatus from gatherings. This would make TRLL’s Opening Day May 11th.

Suffice it to say that leaves all of us with two immediate reactions: 1) of course, we will abide by the eight-week hiatus, and 2) what are we going to do with a May 11th start? Clearly, all the other spring sports are in the same situation. Our immediate response is that we will run a five (5) week season through Saturday, June 13th. However, there is a lot of time between now and then to consider our options….and just as much time for things to change again!

So, for now, we will sit on our hands until all our families return from Spring Break. I am going to ask the TRLL Board to meet on Tuesday, April 21st, and then report out to our community with an update the next morning. Frankly, we might not have much to report by then, but – hopefully – we will have more information with which to put some potential pathways in place. This will include the status of BlueClaws game scheduled three weeks later on Thursday, May 14th.

Otherwise, please know we hope you and yours are well. Reach out with any questions you might have, but please understand that we don’t have a lot of answers ourselves on things like All Star eligibility, All Star starting dates, playoffs, etc. We hope to give all of this to you after Spring Break. You are welcome to get updates from Little League themselves here:


Chuck Jones

President, Two River Little League