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COVID-19 and a new Opening Day (for now)….

By tworiverlittleleague | Mar 17, 2020 |

Two River Little League Community – We hope this letter finds you settled into a good routine with our new normal for the foreseeable future. In that vein, Little League informed us last night that they want all leagues to comport with the CDC’s recommended eight (8) week hiatus from gatherings. This would makeĀ TRLL’s Opening…

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COVID-19 Update 3/13

By tworiverlittleleague | Mar 13, 2020 |

Friends – Just yesterday, we wrote you with an update on potential outcomes for Two River Little League given how the coronavirus is affecting life in our towns and our schools. In short, we explained that we would schedule for our planned opening on Tuesday, March 31st, but we would also be okay with pushing…

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Coronavirus update 3/12/2020

By tworiverlittleleague | Mar 12, 2020 |

Dear Two River Little League Community – We trust that this letter finds all of you well. Given that there are already documented cases of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) within our TRLL community, we wanted to give you an update on where things stand with Two River Little League. Typically, our 9-16-year old/3rd-8th graders (Rookie, Minors, Majors,…

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